" The less is more, and the more I make it less, the less the more becomes more ___ " 


After getting my Diploma in Mathematics and Physics in 2005 I changed my major to Arts and in 2006 I made a 100-second film, which was the first-ever video that I made: Be Careful About Commas! (Official selection of "100-second short film festival of Iran" in 2007)

The following year I spent most of my time editing films. A year of focused work to learn from my sensations! In 2007 I started to experiment with cinematic technics and their effects on the audience. A result of an Editing idea became a short film: P.O.V (One of my earliest attempts at Producing, directing, and editing a film with a minimal cast and crew in Tehran (Iran).

I moved to London in 2011 to further studying in filmmaking. In the meantime, I started doing street photography. Being the only member of my First crew myself, I used to capture my surrounding to provide the needed materials for editing.

After about a few months I decided to collaborate with filmmakers. I spent almost another year attending different workshops, festivals and finding connections with interesting people to collaborate with. In 2012 I made my first short film in London with a very small cast and crew (4 people) and no budget: Very Good Bye

Since 2012 I have continued full-time exploring and building up my cinematic knowledge and technical skills while working on many other projects such as:

aphasic (recollection) / graiin (abstraction) - (2015),   THAT SIDE UP - (2013-2016),   U - (2016)

In 2017 I finished my undergraduate studies with First Class Honours in Film as Writer/Director/Cinematographer.

I Have Written It Here For U  my dissertation film is a short experimental/poetic film exploring the theme of solitude and love.

Since 2014, I have been working in the industry as a full-time freelance Director of Photography and short film director as well as an independent educator.

From the beginning of my journey to the cinema, relations between the human essence and the material world in a timeless and spaceless environment have been a point of interest.

Experimenting with the film language made me gain experience in different fields of filmmaking which I needed for completing my own projects. As a result, I got involved in different types of projects and got recognised by like-minded artists, who I had the chance to work with. 

Exploring different possibilities of communication with images and vision has been a common theme of my projects as well as expressing meaning with this medium of art.

In 2018 I have co-founded my own film production company AQUIFER FILM with a partner and in 2020 we successfully opened our own Film and Photography studio in East London, AQUIFER FILM STUDIO.


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