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26th of January.

6 months of writing script, 4 month of pre-production and today was officially our first day of production. Flying from London to Lisbon ( Portugal ) to shoot the part of "Warrick" the guy who is going to sail on his sailboat, alone. One of the three parts of the script consist of 7 scenes.

Being well prepared in terms of production during last 4 month, which Rika (Producer) specially had a huge contribution to it and excited to work with my beloved and fantastic cast and crew, we drove to Luton airport at 4 am to catch the flight at 8 am.

Gate 20, 7 am, Easy Jet Airline is boarding us to the flight. Rika, Tim, Dominika and Martha are cleared to the airplane. " Sorry sir you might have a problem " and 5 minutes later after calling the supervisor and half of the airport staff and showing my passport to other colleagues the guy on the boarding pass to me: "You are not flying"... BooM ___ Suddenly the story of this book changes its direction. 

Long story short " Welcome to the life of an Immigrant "

I was not allowed to fly to Lisbon and after being escorted out of the arrival terminal I was advised to talk to Easy Jet Airline costumer service in departure terminal. Spending a couple of hours to discuss my situation to the most nonsense costumer service, made it clear that I am not going to Lisbon without an official permission from the authorities of Portugal! Finding the "authorities" of Portugal meant spending 3 hours on phone and finally finding out I need to come back to central London and get myself there before 4pm. I got there 3:30pm and was able to talk to someone but it seemed they are not the one who gives the order either and I need to get in touch with another organisation which is been already closed at 3pm.

Friday afternoon 5pm. I tried my best to get any flight to Lisbon, but it was obvious by that time that I won't be able to be with my cast and crew for the shoot on the boat.  Alternative plan which was already was being discussed from early in the afternoon was that I am going to direct the scene from London and using skype. 

Meanwhile I have been riding my motorbike on my way to home that ... BooM ... I crashed hard to the ground because a lady decided to cross the light when it is green for drivers and I had to break hard to avoid crashing to her. However, the impact and the pain of this crash was not even close to the one in the morning at boarding pass ___

Zero ours of sleep from the night before and a long and frustrating day leads to now 27th January, 1am. 

The list of the events from today goes a long way but the truth is I really feel that I am being pushed to the limit with this project so hopefully it means growth. 

I was actually very positive about the shoot. However, 9 out of 10 things during two days shoot went wrong, weather condition, internet connection, etc. I have to say that such an unfortunate start for our production days made it extremely hard for me to concentrate on the rest of the shooting days in London. The hardest part was that if I was going to break or show any sign of that, then other cast and crew members would be effected and things could get to nowhere.

Two other days of shooting on 13th February and 13th of March went pretty smooth and made us feel better at the end of the day. 


Crew List:
Writer/Director/DoP. Ardeshir Abdolrahimi
Producer. Rika Kulsavat
Asst Producer. Juris Tomsons
Edit. Saeed Babaei
Cam Op. Dominika Besińska
Sound Rec. Martha Luigujõe
Jana Selecka Sound Design. Jana Selecka
Asst Dir. Katrina Ytteborg

Asst Cam 1. Simon Bogdan
Asst Cam 2. Keyvan Le Roux

Line Prod: Ana Colaço
Asst Dir: Rika Kulsavat
Sound Rec: Martha Luigujõe

Asst Prod: Juris Tomsons
Sound Rec: Martha Luigujõe

Asst Cam: Simon Bogdan

Sound Rec: Jana Selecka

Asst Cam: Keyvan Le Roux

Warrick: Tim Cartwright
Piers: Ben Altimira
Shadi: Raha Rahbari
Flora: Katharine Mary
Ava: Nikta Mohammadi

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" I Have Written It Here For U ___ " - Dissertation Short Film - Script  

Writing the script for a project that was going to be developed alongside the road while I am riding it, was an early challenge that sooner or later had to be taken on. 

knowing the time that I had to spend to get to a certain level, I started quite early in summer. While I was waiting that the sound from my second year short film " U " being finalised. In about June, I started to explore my surrounding world for an idea. From the most obvious events happening around the world to the most abstract incident, simply nothing caught my eyes. An early disappointment that made me look to this side of the line and look internally for the inspiration.

Going through different stages of up and downs during that time and a personal experience, I decided to write about something that concerns me the most. I wrote the first draft of the script almost 2 months later in August.  

Each draft of the script from the first draft has its own " Notes draft " as well that every time with a new draft is been updated to a new version. They helped me going through the process and develop the idea to the next level.

A brief update for script drafts:

Draft 1   5/8/2016
Draft 2   28/8/2016
Draft 3   5/9/2016
Draft 4   7/9/2026
Draft 5   16/9/2016
Draft 6   23/9/2016
Draft 7   14/10/2016
Draft 8   19/10/2016
Draft 9   26/10/2016
Draft 10   7/11/2016
Draft 11   15/11/2016
Draft 12   30/11/2016
Draft 13   1/12/2016
Draft 14   9/1/2017

Draft 15   18/1/2017


I have tried so much so far to make the script as visual as possible and also considering the sound, but a script which is been written for an experimental and atmospheric film is hardly going to justify the final vision. Hopefully, I have tried enough to make the script as close as possible to impossible perfection!


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8.01-02 - Visual Essay on 8½ ( Federico Fellini 1963 )  

 "Dreams falling into places, followed by surrounded reality " ___


Password:  blog

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" I Have Written It Here For U ___ " - Dissertation Short Film - Pitching The Idea  


“ I Have Written It Here For U ___“

Writer / Director / Cinematographer : Ardeshir Abdolrahimi

Procuder : Rika Kulsavat



An experimental / Poetic film with the theme of “ Solitude and Love “



Three characters who are faced with a mystery that involves love, chose to take a break from their relationship with others to find the answer.

This short piece of film that I am making this year for my dissertation project is about people who are questioning love, so it causes them look internally instead of looking outward and in relation with others.



In London, Piers, who is walking home, sees his wife Flora who is sitting on the river bank and reading a book. He goes to sit next to her. Piers hesitates but then tells Flora that he needs a temporary break from their relationship.

In London, Piers who is walking home, sees his wife Flora who is sitting on a river bank and reading a book. He goes and sits next to her.
Piers hesitates but then tells Flora that he needs a temporary break from their relationship.

In Tehran (Iran), Shadi in a house party at night. Out of no where, she feels like she needs to take a moment to herself. She comes away from her group of friends to spend sometime alone.

On the sea, Warrick who is by himself on a sailing boat in the morning, does the daily things that he should do, whilst taking time to sit and think - he writes his thoughts down.

The solitude that these characters are going through has the essence of love, which leads us to think about that while we are seeking love in connection with others in order to feel the ecstasy, maybe the answer is in connection internally and make a distance for awhile.

This is something that every single of us doing it, for some as short as a moment lying on the bed after a working day or walking down the street and for some may take as long as a lifetime.

“ It’s not a love story, it’s the story of love “

I have got inspired by two words ( origin from Farsi Language. Persian Poetry mostly from 10th-14th century. Poets such as : Rumi, Shams Tabriz, Hafez Shirazi, Omar Khayam, Nizami Ganjavi, ... )

The words are:

Shooridegi - ( شوریدگی )
(disquiet , crisis , madness , frenzy)

Sheydai - ( شیدایی )
(mania، fascination , captivation , infatuation , rapture)

These are all a state of being, which one of the effects that they have is making you doing things that you normally don’t. Normality can be argued, however, each individual has a norm that draws the line.


Here is a link to my full proposal document:  Dissertation project proposal


Please visit the page below to watch my PITCH video, which was streaming Live on November 8th 2016




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Making of ' U '  


" Watching a film is like you meeting a person, sometimes you want to meet a person but sometimes you don’t. For those who you decide to meet or happens to meet, comes different qualities.

with some you have a short encounter, some you spend more time with,

you might have a chance to get to know that person deep or just know the surface that is reviled to you.

With some, you make romance, with some you make a logic connection.

Some may influence you deep down and some make you feel bored.

It’s all down to you, expectation and the amount of data that the person in relation to you gives out. "


“ U “ (IMDB)

 The interaction and conversation of a guy on a low mood, who has to make a decision.

Shot List

Story Board



Camera Report

Sound Report






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1490 days ego, Friday 13th of April 2012, on the 8510th night I shot "Very Good Bye", an experimental short film with a minimal cast and crew. It was the most personal film so far and remains for those days. ( Watch here )

Today, Friday 13th of May 2016, on the 10001st day, I'm releasing "That Side Up". Another short experimental.

" That Side Up " is a film about the things that happen or began to appear slowly but on a relatively large scale.

Footages are from 2013. Edited in different times from 2013-2015. At some stage, I started to take timer shots of myself during the night while I'm sleeping to check my sleeping pattern and how much I move during the night. Sometimes to catch the moon moving across my window as well. One morning as soon as I woke up, I pushed the record button, I went back to the bed, got up again and that became the first shot for this project. I grabbed the phone and played a shuffle song ... and that became the theme song.

The film was shot on Nikon D7000 SLR and actions are partly real life and partly spontaneous act.

I began to shoot at different times throughout months. Almost a year after I started to select and edit the footages.

Making of " That Side Up " was a journey that ends today. 



That Side Up ©2013-2016



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MDA2900 - Term 1 : Music Video
  • Needs to be filmed on one day.
  • Cannot involve filming band simply playing on location or set.
  • Can use any music.
  • Must have a narrative.
  • Must be no longer than three and a half minutes.
  • ​​


    •  a dramatic and engaging story, suitable for the screen
    •  an ‘achievable’ scene - given your time, skills and resources
    •  believable performances by actors who are appropriate for the roles
    •  an expressive and consistent visual style, suited to the content
    •  technical competence in cinematography, sound and editing
    •  appropriate art direction and location(s) 

    With all the limited resources (Location, equipment, technical knowledge, etc ), I am quite happy with the final product but not quite satisfied. Still a very good learning process for story based music videos. 

    ( UPDATING ... )

    Rating: (0-5) +++

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA2900 Tue, 15 Dec 2015 04:00:00 GMT
    aphasic (recollection) / graiin (abstraction) ©2015 May 2015 has started with an exiting project involving with Language, Poetry and Sound with multi talented artist Hadi Bastanithe piece creator and co-director for this project.

    We had a fairly tight deadline comparing to amount of the works that we were planing to do and everyday adding. I had to travel to Belfast, where Hadi lives and get actually in touch with the project and our materials! After a couple of days staying there and gone through some process to develop the main idea, with some materials I had to come back to London and start to generate, edit and put things together.

    We where constantly communicating through the several exports and feedbacks to make sure the project is in the right path.

    The original materials are edited in 4K quality but the copies available to watch online are maximum 1080p. You can also watch and follow on Vimeo and find out about future projects.

    The piece includes 2 parts. The first part is called " aphasic (recollection) " and the second part " graiin (abstraction) ".


    aphasic (recollection) / graiin (abstraction) ©2015


    Rating: (0-5)++++

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    MDA1700 - Jean-Luc Godard

    Breathless (1960) and Vivre Sa Vie (1962) are two of the well known French New Wave films from the director Jean-Luc Godard. Being made in a fairly close time to each other we can see lots of similarities and director’s style in terms of directing actors and generally the way that the stories are told and end. There is a familiar but yet strange feelings mixed in these two films, this is exactly that taste which the director has added to his films and mostly is about how the characters interact with each other and with themselves. Things are happening just because it is the way it is in life! 


    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1700 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 06:15:00 GMT
    MDA1700 - National cinema

    Italian Neorealism and the films made during that period was one of the influential (for example french new wave) period of cinema in terms of the look that cinema could have to the storytelling and the way it is set. Using non professional actors, stories about poor and working class and filming in location are some of the particular characteristics of Italian Neorealism. 

    Films such as Umberto D (1952), Bicycle Thieves (1948) by Vittorio De Sica and Rome, Open City (1945) by Roberto Rossellini etc. are good examples of that 10 to 15 years of film making. Coming from everyday life events and being a postwar cinema Italian Neorealism has even influenced the International Art Cinema in some ways later on.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1700 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 06:15:00 GMT
    MDA1700 - Memento

    Breaking down the structure of storytelling of the film Memento (2000) by Christopher Nolan.

    When ever we start watching a film we expect a storyline, which represents the time passing in the film.

    A :  Storyline 1 ( colour , First scene starts backward in time. every time at the beginning of the scene we jump back in time and will reach to the beginning of the previous scene )

    B :  Storyline 2 ( black and white , It all happens in order in parallel edit with storyline A )

    C :  the main storyline which includes the scenes from A and B in chronological order. 

    D : How the whole story happens for the character of the film.

    Each number is one scene/Part.

    There are 44/45 scene(Part) through out the film.


    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1700 Mon, 20 Apr 2015 19:44:12 GMT
    MDA1700 - Hitchcock's Blackmail

    Blackmail (1929 - Alfred Hitchcock) is particularly interesting film in terms of sound because it was in early years of sound in cinema that it has been made, so early that some cinemas ( studios as well ) where not still equipped with sound equipment. When Hitchcock found there is an opportunity to record some scenes with sound, he reshoot some of the scenes. So the film came out with two version, one with the sound and the other one without. (Talkie version, Silent version) In this case they could show the film in both cinemas with and without sound equipment.

    Hitchcock has used some techniques in that early years to make the best of the sound that he could have , such as using the bird sound during the scene that the girl is in her room and it is after the night she committed a crime. the sound is there to add the tension and mental state of the character.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1700 Mon, 20 Apr 2015 19:42:42 GMT
    MDA1700 - “Poetry and Dream” exhibition ( UPDATING ... )

    Cadeau, 1921, editioned replica 1972 , Man Ray

    An every day object with just only one purpose, is turned to something that makes it impossible for that object to do the job! 14 nails are placed in the only place that they should not, and that is exactly what we call contrast. Now the iron incapable of ironing and loosing one stable side, choses to make a decision and stand there for quite a long time.  

    The Artist; Man Ray, is showing an impossible silkiness while there is a proof in our head from what we call the object and what we want from it, that it is silky. 

    Having an all time interest in contrast and other side of the things, I found this piece of art from Man Ray one of the cleanest flat Irons of all time.

    Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 , Salvador Dali

    The painting divides in two part and yes the main subject of the painting is related to reflection! It is Dali’s interpretation of the Greek myth of Narcissus which is transforming from one to another matter of being. While the left figure is suffering in an ideal environment of his, by seeing his own reflection in water and finding the truth , It reflects the other side of destruction to the right side of the painting by evolving a beauty from a hand with egg. The bottom right of the painting is not a welcoming base for a new existence, both in terms of colours and the action that is happening there, but still a stable place for the new creation . 

    In the background both figures and objects , including the road and houses , are literally the connection between the destruction and creation.  

    Dali’s Art has opened my eyes to the world of surrealism for the first time that I studied about art, It was his works that introduced me to the other side, and from that time to now a days, wether it is dali’s work or my personal interest in surrealism , thinking about this subjects makes me always excited.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1700 Mon, 20 Apr 2015 19:42:10 GMT
    MDA1400 - Assignment 3: Space

    " ... make a film of up to 3 minutes exploring what the notion of ‘space’ means to you ..." 



    imagine you are sitting in a normal environment and decide to have an internal journey, not everybody interested though! 

    To begin a journey , first you START; then you have your time and at some point it ENDS. All journeys pretty much follow the same pattern, unless it is internal and as a result actions do not take place in order and it is the same for beginning and the end. The other word TIME has no role to play. 

    How you spend your time while you are in that point varies depending on which path you have chosen, but talking about the feeling of getting connected and coming back is what has been tried to achieve in “ SYZYGY ", Which could be a destination of one of those journeys by it self! 

    Activities such as Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, and basically any other Out of Body Experiences ( OBE ) can help to understanding of the space involved in this kind of journeys. 


    The whole shoot for me was very smooth, exciting, fun and challenging from the beginning of production meetings with my Producer (Rika Kulsavat) 

    Communication with our animator/Editor ( Conrad Moody ) started with presenting the idea and sharing storyboards and images related to our concept of space. Having animated shots in the film made me spend a good amount of time on exploring the space visually. 

    " SYZYGY " for me is passing of time without any time being involved.

    Rating: (0-5) +++


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    MDA1400 - Assignment 2: Campaign film " Think of an issue or campaign ... no longer that 2 minutes in length ... "



    My involvement in this project as a Producer was such a huge experience and let me know why I do not want to be a producer and at the same time why I might enjoy doing that.   




    Rating: (0-5) +

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    MDA1400 - Assignment 1: Advertisement " Make a 30 second commercial. You can use any creative film techniques, approach or genre you like within your commercial. "



    Reintroducing  an old Nikon film camera ( Nikon FG / 1982-1986 ). 

    By showing the reliability of this camera over a long period of time costumers know that the product that they are buying is a lifetime companion.


    Rating: (0-5) +++

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1400 Wed, 15 Apr 2015 02:03:49 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 6: Short Drama  " ... A successful project will:

    • tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end;
    • portray distinct characters who change in some way;
    • involve action which brings about character change;
    • show your ability to work in continuity style;
    • develop a mise-en-scène appropriate to the subject;
    • employ a creative and appropriate use of diegetic sound; and,
    • use titles and credits clearly and effectively.

    must not exceed 5 minutes ... "



    "Purple" is based on a original story called "Blue Leaves" (2014-Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) for the module MDA1800.  

    "Pain's only solution appears to be dreaming. He tries to scape with a simpler solution, but the truth eventually remains the same. So he does what he has been advised. Now his everyday challenge is dealing with the new world instead of dealing with the pain." 

    I would say for watching this film you need to switch your mind to the dream world, the world of inner perceptions and no time, place and even dimensions. If you are the kind of person, who every morning thinks about his/her last night's dream, then you might be interested in encoding the images of this film.

    In terms of production I would expect a better sound quality.

    In general another great experience with all available resources.


    Rating: (0-5) +++


    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 MDA1800 Mon, 19 Jan 2015 06:28:34 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 5: Re-creation of a Scene  

    " ... up to 90 seconds long, from any movie and re-create it. ... "

    A very short scene from the film " The Trial " (1962) by Orson Welles , was the chosen film by the group. 



    Being responsible for the camera , In general I can say I would do much better if I had a proper time for rehearsal.

    Working with this group was ok. In general re-creation of a film is not as easy as it seems.


    Rating: (0-5) +

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 Mon, 19 Jan 2015 05:15:52 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 4: Continuity Edit " ... non-dialogue scene ... not more than 10 set-ups ... object ... separate space ... shot in continuity style "

    Tried to stay on edge to see what happens.


    Assignment 4 : Continuity Edit - Ardeshir, Dominika, Marco, Marko, Temi from MDX Film on Vimeo.


    I hope that cut didn't bother too much . Wish I could spend more time on editing, color grading and mood.


    THIS LINK is a text that I thought would be useful to read and get more ideas about the subject.


    Rating: (0-5) ++


    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 Wed, 19 Nov 2014 04:09:29 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 3: Interview " ... Produce two one-minute documentary interviews ... "

    I believe interviews can be more interesting than the normal industry standard form.


    Assignment 3 : Interview - Anna, Ardeshir, Filippo, Marco from MDX Film on Vimeo.



    Well for some reasons the general sound level in this version is low .

    Absolutely loved working with this group and it helped to experience a very pleasant time. 


    THIS LINK is not unrelated to the question that I asked from Anna, not exactly the same concept though.

    Guess it works as an additional reading!

    I often get interesting concepts from This kind of stuff (!)


    Rating : ( 0 - 5 ) +++

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 Fri, 07 Nov 2014 00:24:11 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 2: Light " ... interior scene in which two character interact without speaking ... Should be no more that 60 seconds long.

    Shoot the scene 2 times:

    1. look like natural lighting

    2. look like artificial lighting "


    Being interested in Cinematography/Photography, working with lights has always brought me an excitement and a specific kind of consideration as it forms the structure of framing, depth and vibes of the picture.

    As much as it is important to pay attention to amount and quality of light, it is crucially important to pay attention to darks as well. They both influence each other and create shadows.

    We found out that faith can bring us an extension cable from under the table. seriously. ( but not recommended in professional situation );


    1. Natural lighting 

    Assignment 2-Light-NATURAL-Adam, Ardeshir, Filippo, Marko, Temi from MDX Film on Vimeo.



    2. Artificial lighting

    Assignment 2-Light-ARTIFICIAL-Adam, Ardeshir, Filippo, Marko, Temi from MDX Film on Vimeo.


    And yes, we wish we had a functional tripod to have more control over our images. Technical problems which can be solved next time.

    Rating: (0-5)
    Natural lighting: +++
    Artificial lighting: +++
    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:26:35 GMT
    MDA1300 - Assignment 1 : One shot " ... Use a JVC HM100 camera to produce a single shot of not more than 20 seconds which represents ... "

    Long story short the idea of hanging a camera from somewhere and using the space that it creates while moving around, came long time a go for a specific shot but I never practically tried to get it. So now that I had the opportunity to try it out I used the available equipment to get the shot.

    After a couple of trial movement, which did not go as I expected, I recorded once . Here is that shot:



    But unfortunately I could not get a clean and proper shot with the right feeling. The reasons : mainly because of the type of the camera, which seems is not suitable for this purpose specially the way that I used, and equipments as stands.

    So I simplified the idea and tried to replace the movement with depth of field while still using the same angle and shot. Although the idea of swinging did not achieved this time but I ended up with something that made me happy at the end of the day. Time , position , angle and composition where the main concerns according to subject, also keeping it hand held helped to achieve a fraction of the feeling of swinging and levitation.



    Rating: ( 0-5 )

    shot 1 : +

    shot 2 : +++


    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:48:02 GMT


    Starting over to write a blog . What you are going to find here is what ever I am doing to understand and practice more related to film and photography , particularly because that is what I am doing most these days . You may find stuff about everything later on! 

    Usually my posts are going to have three parts. There will be a main subject, which is the main part, and then one part for something off-topic , could be about anything! Then the third part is a personal rating to the videos and works, if there are any, based on personal satisfaction and available datas in my head! This part is helping me to have a better understanding of the journey that I had in long term, also for anyone who wants to know my general opinion and get to know my taste better. 


    The rating system is same as what I am doing for the music.

    For the music that I listen to the rate is between 1 to 5 .

    Those tracks that I know I will never going to listen to them again get nothing , 0 ( so they never appear in my list! )

    Tracks with a possibility of listening to them again but not that much interested in get 1 ( zero to 20% chance of appearance )

    A little more interested in also having some points but not having that THING gets 2

    When they have that THING and things are done properly , get 3

    Things are done properly, would definitely want to listen to them over and over and sometimes learning from them, get 4 (my top rated stuff )

    I have never rated anything 5 .


    Last night: 



    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) MDA1300 MDA1400 MDA1700 MDA1800 Rating Tue, 14 Oct 2014 23:50:18 GMT
    Very Good Bye - Ardeshir Abdolrahimi Short Film ( 2012 )

    Very Good Bye from Ardeshir Abdolrahimi on Vimeo.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) Fri, 29 Mar 2013 22:12:08 GMT
    P.O.V - Ardeshir Abdolrahimi Third short film ( 2007 )

    P.O.V from Ardeshir Abdolrahimi on Vimeo.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) Fri, 29 Mar 2013 20:47:53 GMT
    Be Careful About Commas! - Ardeshir Abdolrahimi First ever made video ( 2006 )

    Be Careful About Commas! from Ardeshir Abdolrahimi on Vimeo.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) Fri, 29 Mar 2013 20:35:25 GMT
    Start Nothing Special! Just Hello ... 

    And Welcome.

    [email protected] (Ardeshir Abdolrahimi) Sun, 10 Jun 2012 16:42:40 GMT